Spirit week at Franklin Academy is an annual tradition in January following the holiday break. We fill this time with fun activities, chances to show our silly sides, and team competition. Our spirit week also has a hidden agenda – to help students get back into the routine of regular academic classes. We have not followed a “normal” schedule since the end of the second quint before the Thanksgiving break. As a result, many students (and teachers, too!) find it challenging to get back into the swing of things.

The obligation competition is a major focus of the week. Students earn points for their team by arriving on time at meals, classes, community meetings, and activities. The higher the percentage of students meeting their commitments, the more points a team earns.

Students also earn team points by participating in themed dress-up days, correctly guessing staff from their baby pictures, and winning the nickel war (proceeds go to the East Haddam Fuel Bank). We also host a Franklin version of the Family Feud game show. In the end, however, the coveted spirit week trophy typically goes to the team that best meets its daily obligations. So, here is my advice to all competitors. Show up on time, participate in everything, and donate those nickels. Click here to see a video slideshow of Hat Day, the kickoff to Spirit Week.