ACADEMICS AT Franklin Academy

College Preparatory

At the heart of Franklin Academy’s Academic program is an exceptional college preparatory curriculum that fosters critical thinking, curiosity, and engagement in the learning process.  Our environment allows students to explore intellectual passions or nurture a new interest within a myriad of academic offerings, including honors classes and college courses.  By focusing on skill development through high-interest subject matter, students take ownership of their learning and develop a growth mindset vital to life-long inquiry and knowledge acquisition.


Each year, students take courses in the following disciplines: English, History, Science, Math, and Core.  Elective and Intersession courses supplement these required classes providing a rich and robust educational experience. We offer independent study, internships, eclectic clubs, special interest activities, a world travel program, and a capstone senior year that simulates the first year of college.  These opportunities set Franklin Academy apart from other schools that seek to serve the more average student. Our students, who are exceedingly bright and “out-of-the-box” thinkers, deserve more.

Pedagogy and Assessment

Students are engaged in active exploration of real-world challenges and problems in our dynamic classroom environment utilizing a student-centered pedagogy called project-based learning.   This approach helps students acquire more profound subject knowledge, promotes critical thinking and problem solving, allows for student voice and choice, encourages further inquiry, hones communication and collaboration skills, and involves an ongoing process of reflection.  A unique daily assessment tool developed by Franklin Academy to support students’ success charts individual progress in all classes and monitors participation in all school obligations.  Charting personal growth with such consistency enables teachers and students to recognize and reinforce strengths, identify areas of challenge, and create student-specific action plans.

Point of Entry Partnering

Creating personal Vision Boards that include passions, hopes, aspirations, and a plan with a realistic path forward helps students set goals and benchmark their educational journey with us.  Sometimes these boards remain constant; other times they may be significantly overhauled during a student’s tenure at Franklin Academy.  Regardless, they are a student-distinct roadmap that provides direction and helps to inspire and motivate our learners

College Placement

Franklin Academy graduates have choices.  Some may attend an Ivy League college, some may attend a specialized college with more support, while others may attend numerous colleges and universities in between.  “Colleges that Change Lives” often show up on our students’ college lists.

Program Overview

More than just a school, Franklin Academy delivers education in the broadest sense because our students benefit from instruction both inside and outside the traditional classroom. We have developed an integrated, team-based educational program that focuses on ten essential competencies that establish the foundation for collegiate success and rewarding professional careers. In addition to the pursuit of academic mastery, we also focus on executive functioning, social perception, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness. Students receive multiple opportunities for engagement, practice, and honing of these skills, and each one starts their journey at Franklin Academy with nurturing support. As a student progresses and develops proficiency, support is adjusted to promote growth and encourage self-reliance. Students are engaged in the reflective process at each stage along the way, creating awareness that translates into knowledge and confidence. Our ultimate goal is to help students gain the skills necessary to be successful in college and beyond.