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Fun + Kindness + Inclusion = Life-changing Community

Chelsea Lazos

Here at Franklin Academy, “community” is not just a word. It’s a way of life here. We foster a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment where every individual is valued. Community is something we work hard on, and the payoff is significant. It changes kids’ lives. When our students feel supported and happy, we genuinely see them blossom.

Our daily Community Meeting isn’t just about announcements; it’s a time for celebration and affirmation. For a student who may have faced challenges and loneliness before joining us, receiving recognition from their peers during our daily affirmations can be profoundly meaningful. While this may seem minimal, it is a significant part of our day that brings us together as a community, building friendship, trust, and confidence.

Bullying has no place at Franklin Academy. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying, recognizing the profound impact it can have, particularly for students who have experienced it. It’s heartening to hear our students remind each other, ‘We don’t do that here.’ They take pride in upholding our values of kindness and respect.

Our Code of Conduct, encompassing principles such as self-care, respect for differences, and honesty, serves as a moral compass. These values guide our students through social challenges, emphasizing understanding and growth rather than punishment. Our faculty focuses on teaching students how to navigate future situations differently, empowering them to become their best selves.

We have many long-standing traditions at Franklin Academy, including the GFO (Greater Franklin Open), where students come together to build a golf hole. This requires significant teamwork, and our students are so creative! The themes they come up with are one of a kind. We take the day off from classes to build, and the entire school plays the Great Franklin Open in the afternoon! It’s one our alumni always mention as a favorite! This is one of so many traditions we have, including our Halloween Party, Holiday Program, 10 Days of Franklin, Spirit Week, Half Way Day, Pi Day, May the 4th, all-school trip to Lake Compounce, Film Festival, FA Road Race, Diversity Fair, and our amazing once-a-Quint all-school Formal Dinners.

We are currently approaching the long-standing tradition of the Closing Ceremony. This is a cherished and emotional evening. This formal event marks a heartfelt farewell from our seniors and post-graduates as they pass the torch of leadership to the next class. It’s an intimate gathering of students and faculty before the grand Graduation, where we reunite with friends and families. There are many emotions throughout this lovely evening celebrating our school’s graduating class! This ceremony began the first year Franklin Academy opened and is talked about by alumni for years later. One alum remarked that the memories from the ceremony remained vivid after 15 years, recalling where they sat and the words spoken with fondness.

We’re excitedly anticipating the launch of our Athletic Program! Whether you’re joining a team or cheering from the sidelines, there’s something for everyone to be involved in. We thrive on supporting one another, and I’m confident that’s exactly what will happen here!

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