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Kinsley Rausch-Dudzic

Kinsley Rausch-Dudzic

Email: kr*****@fa***.org
Role at Franklin: Dean of Advancement and Alumni Relations
Education: Smith College, B.A.
What is your favorite Franklin memory? The capstone trips with FLI and the International trips that I did with students. Graduation speeches are also high on the list, both by students and their chosen faculty speaker.
What is your favorite Franklin tradition and why? There are so many—Closing Ceremony is probably the most powerful because each graduate has their moment to say something to the community and the symbolism in the passing of their candle [light] to the next graduating class. Also over time you realize how each class has its own flavor just by the symbolic gifts given to them by the Franklin faculty. The GFO because it is a wonderful team-building experience and makes those collaboration skills more fun to practice. Senior Book Awards Dinner is lovely because each student is recognized with a clever and heartfelt introduction and receives a book specifically chosen for them by the President and staff, based on their interests and goals. Ending community meetings with affirmations and a moment of quietness and stillness.
What is your favorite thing about working with these students? Our students our kind, thoughtful, thought provoking, intelligent, and resilient humans who teach me something new about the world, themselves, and myself daily! They are also truly authentic individuals invested in learning.
What is something fun/quirky people should know about you? I am completely time blind! I like to create: write, paint, sew, craft, knit, garden. i also am all about reduce, reuse, recycle. Thus, some of my creations are a little odd sometimes.
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