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What if a school was designed just for students like you?

What Sets
Franklin Apart

At Franklin we serve exceptional students. They are wired a bit differently, so we are, too. We have learned to not just think outside the box, but to discard the box entirely. Instead we focus on ingenuity and innovation combined with community and compassion. The result is a place where we meet students where they are instead of making them fit in a preconceived paradigm. We give them the chance to learn from mistakes instead of getting bogged down by failure.

As a boarding school for students in grades 8 through 12, plus post-graduates, we practice social interactions all day long. From the classroom to the dining hall. In club meetings and dorm rooms. With peers and with faculty. Our students develop an understanding of who they are and an ability to become enthusiastic life-long learners and to advocate for themselves. These skills last a lifetime.

Come See Franklin for Yourself

The students who thrive at Franklin are unique and we are, too! The best way to experience us is to visit in person or to attend an event. Our students and faculty welcome visitors to experience what belonging really looks like.

We Learn Differently

Franklin knows that our students learn in distinctive ways. So we broke the traditional mold. Typical subjects are presented  in entirely new ways with a super-serving of the all important soft skills woven in throughout each class. Plus, these young people do best when they are interested (who doesn’t?). So practical skills are reinforced while exploring true passions in cross-disciplinary, collaborative electives. 

Add to that our unconventional mindset. We are a school where getting stuck on a problem or making a mistake is a good thing — providing a chance to build perseverance and promote meaningful learning. Lather, rinse, repeat until failure is no longer scary and students experience success more often. Read more. 

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Every Student has a Champion

Imagine learning from a teacher who has chosen to work with someone just like you. Franklin faculty want to be working with these bright, interesting students.Franklin makes sure everyone gets personalized attention. And, our team-based approach ensures an interconnected, collaborative experience. Read More. 

Teacher talking to class

Expectations on a Different Level

At Franklin, students find peers and adults who understand them. This is a place where each person is genuinely accepted for who they are. Their unique gifts are nurtured and allowed to shine. We know that strong social connections make learning easier. For many this is the first school where they have ever felt simultaneously welcomed and challenged. This is as important as any educational goal. Student Life. 

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Where Will You Fly Next

At Franklin we know these students have the gifts to make their school, colleges, communities, workplaces, and families better. Franklin’s uncommon approach empowers students to succeed. From commercial airline pilot to social worker, from software developer to cartoonist, our graduates find their place. Alumni & Advancement. 

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Franklin Can Change Everything

A place where you are welcomed exactly as you are from day one. An arc of continuing support all the way through your journey. A model way of integrating soft skills into traditional subjects. A school where faculty are experts at working with students just like you.

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