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Cindy Pope

Cindy Pope

Email: ci********@fa***.org
Role at Franklin: Dean of Enrollment & Strategic Initiatives
Education: B.A., Wilson College; M.F.A., Bard College
Joined Franklin Academy: 2002
What is your favorite Franklin memory? Collaborating with five amazing professionals to envision and implement Franklin Academy!
What is your favorite Franklin tradition and why? It is a toss-up between Pi Day and The Greater Franklin Open. Pi Day because our Math Department performs an original song each year, and they aren’t very musical! :) I also love Pi Day because it surprises me how many digits our students can memorize! The Greater Franklin Open is a mini golf tournament held each Fall where teams create one-of-a-kind holes. The team work and camaraderie is really something to behold! Literally, the entire campus becomes one huge mini golf course and teams of three with students, faculty, and administrators play to get the best score. Often teams are in costume, which makes for lots of humor and good cheer. The coveted Maroon Jackets (not green) go to the winning team. It is just a really fun day!
What is your favorite thing about working with these students? Our students are bright, funny, articulate, interesting, empathetic, and passionate. I just feel so fortunate to work with them! My favorite aspect of being the Dean of Enrollment is that I can let these awesome students know there is an alternative to merely enduring school. Watching students really thrive in our environment with great friendships and faculty who “get them” is why I love coming to work every day!
What is something fun/quirky people should know about you? I create large, abstract, mixed media paintings and I almost pursued a career training horses. I also love big rocks, boulders really. :)
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