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Community Partnerships

At Franklin we know that relationships matter. That is not true just for our students, but for us as an institution, too. Since we were founded, we have enjoyed robust connections with many other organizations. These are usually symbiotic — we bring our trademark energy, enthusiasm, passion and our students learn more about how to connect with others and how to be good members of the broader community.

These partnerships include service learning — where our students serve others, internships — where they develop skills in local jobs, educational partnerships — which give our students the chance to learn beyond Franklin Academy proper, and finally philanthropic partnerships, where organizations who value our mission support this work.

Interested in learning more about any of these? Contact Kinsley Rausch at kr*****@fa***.org.

Service Learning

Giving back is something we at Franklin value deeply. We regularly bring students into our nearby communities to support others through various non-profits. It isn’t enough to simply serve others, however. We use these opportunities to connect to our curriculum, helping students grow empathy and to build real-life communication, social, and executive-functioning skills.


Learning to be successful beyond the classroom means getting out into the real world to test out new skills. Internships are a key piece of how Franklin students build their confidence and ability to work well in professional settings. We are fortunate to have several local organizations that have long welcomed our students and give them a chance to do meaningful work.

Educational Partnerships

A key piece of our program involves connecting with other organizations. This is especially true as our bright, capable students grow and benefit from the ability to stretch themselves even further academically while still enjoying Franklin support. Our partners include colleges and universities that offer both dual-enrollment and — through Franklin College Connections — for part- or full-time enrollment.

Philanthropic Partners

Many businesses and organizations feel passionately about supporting Franklin’s unique mission. We value their generosity and their desire to give back to make sure students like ours continue to be well served.

We always welcome new philanthropic partners: contact Kinsley Rausch at kr*****@fa***.org.

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