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Lessons Franklin Faculty Learn from Our Alumni

Kinsley Rausch-Dudzic

Once I was shocked by an alumna’s surprised question: “You remember me?”

I thought, “How could we ever forget you?”

Here’s what I want our alumni to know: We will never forget you. You had an impact. You taught us how to listen.

One of our highest compliments occurred in a conversation earlier this year with a former Franklin student, “As I have matured, I have come to realize that you sincerely cared at Franklin. You cared about me.”

She was correct. I care about her. She had an impact. She taught me compassion.

Some of the many things the faculty has learned from our students (now alumni!):

  • Compassion and patience are necessities, not virtues.
  • Listen actively. Be open to new ideas.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. Never assume you know the answer.
  • Make mistakes and don’t be afraid to take responsibility. Apologize.
  • Communicate clearly and be explicit. Use fewer words.
  • Mean what you say and walk the walk.
  • Be an upstander. Show respect for others and yourself.
  • Don’t personalize others’ behavior. It is about them.
  • Ask for help. It is easier to “do hard better “with allies.
  • Be authentic. Accept yourself.

These lessons are the reason we are working to build the institutional framework for an active and vibrant alumni network. We encourage alumni to register on Franklin Connections. It is an easy way to reconnect, to see what is happening with friends, to hear Franklin news, and to find resources that might be helpful. Alumni Reunion 2024 is on June 1. If you haven’t already registered, please make your plans to be here and RSVP. Our best days include conversations and visits with Franklin alumni!

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