Our trustees, administrators, teachers, and staff want what every Franklin parent wants – the opportunity for all students to enjoy the benefits of living and learning together on campus while staying healthy and happy. Toward this end, all community members had their first COVID-19 test of the Winter Trimester this afternoon. We repeat this process for everyone next Wednesday. Afterward, we will test employees every week and students every other week throughout the term. This robust testing regimen is possible because of underwriting from the Romenesa Foundation and the Rommel Wilson Fund. Indeed, we hope that these generous grants, more frequent testing, and our full range of pandemic protocols will provide safe passage to the time when vaccines are available for everyone.

PS: Today, the seven-day rolling positivity percentage in Connecticut is 5.25%. Vaccines for teachers are around the corner, and a new President and Vice President took the oath of office. I anticipate that better days are coming.