This year’s Franklin Academy Film Festival, our ninth annual, showcased 28 films from students and faculty out of 49 submissions. The total number of submitted films was a new high for this yearly showcase of cinematic talent. It was a very successful collection of work, with our top four videography students (Lucas, Toby, Jack, and Alex T) producing most of the work. Each had a video production class in the fall and spring. Lucas led the way. He is a postgraduate on FLI who will be pursuing his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation starting this fall at Point Park University. These four students received awards from this year’s festival jury. Kianna and Alex N. joined them as award winners. Here are the awards.

  • Best Film – The Tragedy of TUGS by Lucas R
  • Audience Choice Award – Swissed Pants III: Daybreak by Lucas R
  • Best Animation – Light Blue – The Energy Thief by Alex T
  • Best Film Poem – Am I Real by Kianna G
  • Best Script – A Tour of Franklin Academy, But It Makes No Sense by Alex N
  • Honorable Mention – Celestial Dance by Toby F
  • Honorable Mention – Bad Timing by Jack K

Click here for the link to see these films. You will be impressed.