I want to share encouraging news. All COVID-19 tests for students and employees last Wednesday came back negative. Quoting one of my colleagues – “Woo-hoo!” We will administer all-school tests again this Wednesday. Afterward, we will test employees every Wednesday and students every other Wednesday throughout the trimester. In the meantime, positivity numbers in Connecticut since mid-January suggest that the holiday peak might be behind us. However, we must exercise continual vigilance as more contagious COVID variants emerge.

Turning to other business, signed re-enrollment contracts and deposits for the 2021-22 school year are due next Monday, February. If you already re-enrolled your student, thank you! If you prepaid for next year to secure the preferred tuition rate, I will be sending a statement for your records.

As we look ahead to tax season, contact me if you need proof of tuition payments during 2020. Additionally, I can provide a letter that reviews the school’s mission and program and explains why Franklin Academy is an appropriate placement for your student.

PS: The forecast calls for snow this Tuesday night. Here is how the campus might look Wednesday morning.