We are now in the midst of the college admissions season. Most schools have regular application deadline dates between January 1 and March 1. Consequently, we will begin hearing good news about acceptances for our seniors and postgraduates.

Today, I learned that Dean College in Franklin, Massachusetts (www.dean.edu), and Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont (www.norwich.edu) approved Jacob Nelson’s application. These are two very different post-secondary opportunities for this FLI senior who has been at Franklin Academy since sophomore year. According to Byron Crozier, Jacob is “college ready.” He has impressive ACT scores and has distinguished himself in our academic program. He is always reliable, meeting every obligation across campus. As a result, strong recommendations from demanding instructors accompany his applications. Thus, it is not surprising that Jacob has compiled an impressive list of collegiate possibilities. He is preparing additional applications for small, selective liberal arts colleges and large, nationally-renown universities across the Northeast. I anticipate that Jacob will have other college acceptances to consider.

PS: Our students love their t-shirts, especially when adorned with statements that generate smiles or a quiet laugh. Jacob’s stellar t-shirt collection reflects his wit. The t-shirt that proclaims him to be “Wicked Smaht” says it all.