Today we held our first virtual Community Meeting. Almost one hundred students and teachers participated, and it was so good to see everyone. Rebecca Hays officiated, and meeting discipline was tremendous. Everyone remained muted, except for designated speakers. Foxx reviewed the timeline, procedures, and expectations for the Student Government election to chose a President and Vice President for the 2020-21 school year. Flynn, Paco, and Sofiye made announcements and offered affirmations for their respective teams. Pete Govert talked about the upcoming Talent Show, and Josh Weissbach previewed the Franklin Film Festival, both scheduled for later in May.

Amy Bigelow provided results for Pi Day, which we celebrated during our last Saturday together on campus. FLI won the competition, and Jacob of Team D set this year’s record for reciting the most digits in Pi. Amy also made a pitch for the next New England Math League competition. Then, Byron Crozier offered this quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: “We must accept finite disappointment but must never lose infinite hope.” Finally, Rebecca closed with a moment of silence and stillness. Quint five is underway.

PS: The photograph above is courtesy of Amy Paxson, FLI Humanities Instructor. She captured a screenshot of many of the participants in today’s Community Meeting.