Our long Community Meeting this Wednesday was designated Humanities Day – an opportunity for teachers to create fun activities that introduced students to topics they might encounter in their Humanities classes. For this year’s special event the Humanities Department decided to focus on civics to align with the future goal of incorporating more civics education into the Franklin Academy curriculum. To introduce the idea of being an engaged and active citizen, students were placed in smaller groups for the Community Meeting and rotated through five different stations. At one station students were guided through the voter registration process, while in another they had the opportunity to cast their votes for various political offices and candidates such as Harry Potter, Bilbo Baggins, and our own FLI Residential Dean, Pete Govert. Students were also required to report for jury duty and to attend an information session about Selective Service. Finally, they were able to show off their existing knowledge of our local, state, and federal governments by playing Civics Jeopardy. Those demonstrating the ability to answer Jeopardy prompts such as “The branch the president is the head of” (“What is the executive branch?”) could win patriotically themed candy as prizes. Click on the arrow in the middle of the photograph below for a short video slideshow of Humanities Day.