Parents of a first-year day student recently sent me the following email. Their message affirms that personal transformation is possible in the midst of the pandemic.

Dear Fred:

Looking back at Faith’s first year at Franklin, we can honestly say many positive things have happened. From the start, we were hopeful Franklin would be a good fit for our daughter. After the first week of school, we knew we made the right choice as Faith requested that we drop her off at 7 am and not pick her up until 9 pm. Faith made new friends and enjoyed her classes. We have never seen her so engaged and eager to go to school and look for new challenges.

You informed us after the winter holiday break that due to COVID-19, day students would either have to be full-time on campus or full-time remote students. We thought that Faith would choose Cyber Franklin as she never enjoyed being away from home overnight. We were pleasantly surprised when Faith decided to board at Franklin. However, we still thought she would call us at some point, requesting a return home to finish the semester as a remote student. Although there were some trying moments, she never asked to come home. Now, Faith wants to be a boarding student next year

As we enter the final six weeks of this academic year, we are so proud of Faith for all the mature decisions she has made this year. We see a different young woman who is confident, compassionate, and eager to challenge herself further. This year has been challenging for everyone, but we believe Franklin Academy addressed the issues head-on and provided a safe, positive learning experience for Faith and all the Franklin students.

Best regards,
Tom and Lynn

PS: Faith and her classmates take a break during a team spin class.