Tejas Venkateswaran just received the good news before the start of our holiday season that he has been accepted to the University of Hartford’s College of Arts and Sciences (www.hartford.edu).  In addition to the acceptance, Tejas will also be receiving Hartford’s Hawk International Scholarship in the amount of $16,000 per year so long as he “maintains satisfactory academic progress.”  Tejas is an international student of Indian descent who currently lives in Hong Kong.  He has been at Franklin Academy for three years, earning his diploma last June but deciding to return to our school for a postgraduate year in order to work further on achieving specific personal goals while fortifying his transcript and strengthening his applications to college.  In addition to his University of Hartford acceptance, Tejas has also applied to Western New England University (www.wne.edu) and Manhattanville College (www.mville.edu).  Tejas, on behalf of my colleagues, I extend to you our congratulations.