As we anticipate the end of our second term of the school year and the start of travel home for Thanksgiving holiday, students and faculty enjoyed a venerable Franklin tradition – the annual travel skit during Community Meeting this past Wednesday. Roles were reversed in the skit with students playing teachers and teachers playing students in order to present a series of hilarious vignettes inspired by actual trips to Bradley International Airport. On display were a range of possible behaviors one might see when students are not quite ready to deal with the preparation, the transitions, and the challenges associated with vacation travel. There were unpacked bags (What do you mean I have to pack my own bag?), missing student identification cards, unprinted tickets and boarding passes, cluelessness about travel itineraries (No, I don’t know where I am going.), car sickness, and even the careless use of the word “bomb” that almost resulted in an arrest at airport security. The skit used humor to teach some important lessons, and our hope is that this funny preview of what could go wrong will encourage every student to review the travel checklist and carefully prepare for departure from school. Successful travel by train, bus, or plane is a big step towards personal independence, and the travel skit is another example of how we drill down to preview for our students those situations and experiences that go far beyond academic learning in the classroom. Click on the arrow in the photograph below to see a one-minute video slideshow of the travel skit.