I emailed all of our parents soon after Franklin Academy’s Board of Trustees greenlighted the return of teachers and students to campus for the start of the 2020-21 school year. I asked the question: Will your student be “rooming or zooming?” Here are excerpts from some of the responses I received.

• Thanks for all the great work; we are very grateful.
• Andrew will be enthusiastically returning to campus!
• Thanks for the email and all the substantive updates you have provided all summer.
• Aidan is very much looking forward to being on campus in September.
• Kai is eagerly looking forward to rejoining the masked Franklin community live and in person.
• The plan is for Levi to be in person with bells on as they say! Stay safe!
• Spencer will be on campus as he needs the classroom experience. I trust in your precautions.
• Thanks for all of the innovation to make it safe for everyone.
• Administrators and teachers have more than risen to the occasion.
• Thank you for your diligence and care in putting such thoughtful plans in place for everyone.
• We are eagerly awaiting the start of school.
• Keeping everyone safe is a huge task in this ever-changing environment.
• Colin is looking forward to seeing his friends.
• Thanks, Fred. Lauren is planning to attend in person and is very much looking forward to it!

Overwhelmingly, families have decided that direct participation in our college preparatory boarding program is the best decision. In fact, only three of our students are exercising their zoom option. Everyone else will be back on campus. However, I am also delighted that our Cyber Franklin initiative now has the necessary hardware and software upgrades to build on last spring’s experiences. More importantly, our teachers are developing the strategies to facilitate synchronous learning with real-time interactions between instructors, students in the classroom, and students at home.