Today, we launched phase two of our opening, initiating a week-long virtual orientation for students. These sessions run from 1:20 to 4:05 every afternoon, Monday through Friday. Topics are wide-ranging. For instance, they include student and faculty introductions, “getting to know you” small group activities and games, previewing the daily schedule, discussing our new safety protocols, watching course advertisements before making elective choices, and brainstorming about recreational and weekend activities. Students will show off their favorite masks and take a photo without any face covering for their identification card. Then, parents will join the sessions that focus on Franklin Academy’s Code of Conduct and COVID-19 Pledge. Next, they will review additions and subtractions to the packing list, a checklist of core competencies, their student’s academic schedule, and what to expect on opening day. Finally, students will begin arriving on campus in staggered groups, starting Thursday, September 24.