The fifth week of on-campus classes is coming to an end. Now, the countdown to Thanksgiving break begins. The last day of classes for the Fall Trimester is Friday, November 20. Then, travel home begins. After Thanksgiving, we will switch back to distance learning for the Fall Intersession, which begins on Thursday, December 3. This mini-term concludes on Friday, December 18, with a virtual Intersession Gallery and Holiday Program.

Intersession will be a full-day experience for students. The morning periods will be team-based with meetings, transition planning seminars, and other engaging educational and social activities. Students will spend much of this time reflecting and planning, especially as it relates to goal development. By the end of Intersession, students will have developed a personal “Vision Board” of logical next steps for their Franklin Academy education.

We schedule Fall Intersession classes in the afternoon to ensure that students living in different time zones can participate. These high-interest courses tend to be project-based and very hands-on. Everyone will sign up for one class during this mini-term. Please click here to review course descriptions. Frankly, the class choices are fantastic!

Additionally, we have created a voluntary evening program. This evening option will run as two 60-minute blocks with the number of offerings per block dependent upon the number of students who sign up. Faculty and alumni will run these evening events, allowing for conversations about possibilities and options after graduation from Franklin Academy. This programming is a great way to remain socially connected with friends during the evening time.

Students return to campus in mid-January after completing a three-day virtual orientation to prepare for Winter Trimester.