The campus is quiet. However, a new school year is just around the corner. Very soon those colleagues providing important leadership across Franklin Academy’s program return to campus. These include the Academic Dean, Dean of Students, and Dean of Transitional Services, as well as our College Counselor and College Transition Advisor. Joining them are the fifteen Residential Deans, Learning Specialists, and Counselors who work on our teaching teams. They serve as primary parent contacts to facilitate regular communication between school and home. Then, classroom teachers return from vacation. After the official welcome by the administration and introductions on August 21, there will be plenty of meetings, professional development, and preparation for our seventeenth year. Finally, students arrive on campus in two waves. First, we greet our FLI seniors and postgraduates on September 6. Opening day for underclassmen and seniors on Teams B, C, and D follows on September 8.