Sometimes you know what you want. Lincoln Squitieri told Byron Crozier, College Counselor, early on in the search process that Syracuse University was undoubtedly his first choice. His parents said to Byron that if Syracuse accepts Lincoln, that is where he is going. Of course, Lincoln applied to other schools. Both Adelphi University ( and Merrimack College ( accepted him. But, when Syracuse said yes, Lincoln said yes. Sara Giroux, Team Owl Learning Specialist, is a Syracuse alumna. Here is her congratulatory message to Lincoln. “I am thrilled to welcome Lincoln into the Syracuse family, where he will learn a lot, have fun, and see more snow than ever before. And finally- LET’S GO ORANGE!!!!” Click here for more information about Syracuse – a quintessential, big-time, NCAA Division I University.

PS: As you can see in the photo above, Lincoln is already wearing the orange. His classmate, Jonathan Wan, recently accepted by his first choice, Berklee College of Music (, is also flashing the thumbs-up signal.