As I enjoyed the dynamic interactions between Franklin Academy teachers, parents, and students during our opening weekend, I wondered if recent vaccinations would keep us safe. After all, our students come to us from across the United States and sometimes from around the world, often traveling great distances by car or plane. That is why the repopulation of campus after a long summer vacation required schoolwide COVID-19 testing this week. Now, I have good news to report. All of our tests came back negative! I am relieved and encouraged. Certainly, all safety protocols remain in effect. As Rebecca Hays exclaimed in her email announcing the results to faculty: “Don’t let your guard down!” However, we can proceed with greater confidence to plan our Fall Parents’ and Grandparents’ Days on October 7 and 8. And, I can set in motion final decisions about our upcoming weeklong college tour that starts on October 9. These events are only possible because our vaccination rate is almost 100%. I tip my hat to everyone and say thank you. Click here for a look at testing in the Great Room of the School House.