We are a college preparatory school, and a long-established tradition is to announce and affirm at Community Meeting the success of each senior and postgraduate student upon learning of acceptances into college, university, or post-secondary program. Today, Byron Crozier, College Counselor, announced that Emily Weglein, one of our FLI postgraduate students, has been accepted early action by Hartwick College, located in Oneonta, New York (www.hartwick.edu).

Hartwick College has been on Emily’s radar ever since we visited the school during our Franklin Academy College Tour this past October. Here is what I wrote in the aftermath of our visit: “I like to be surprised when visiting a college campus for the first time. This morning I was impressed by the beauty and grandeur of the Hartwick College campus. The setting is superb with majestic brick buildings stair-stepping up a high hill that provides many great views of Oneonta and the surrounding countryside. Hartwick is that quintessential small liberal arts college with a traditional program and fall and spring semesters sandwiched around a single-course January term. The enrollment consists of 1,200 undergraduates with 70% of the student population hailing from the state of New York. Henry Blake, FA class of 2017, is a Hartwick sophomore, and he is doing well here. You might be interested to learn that this very attractive school has an acceptance rate of 81%. Here is another surprise. While the total annual cost to attend Hartwick is approximately $60,000, every accepted student receives a $25,000 to $35,000 merit scholarship that will be renewed annually so long as the student remains in good academic standing.”

Emily’s financial award from Hartwick College over four years will take your breath away. Given Henry’s success at Hartwick and the enthusiastic reaction to Emily’s application, I hope that many more Franklin Academy families will consider this very attractive college option.