A mobile unit of PhysicianOne came to campus last Thursday to test all employees and students for COVID-19. We now have the test results. Everyone tested negative. Hallelujah! So, this means that we have safely and successfully repopulated campus. On behalf of my administrative colleagues, I want to express our keen gratitude for students, parents, and teachers’ cooperation. Now, we must maintain our discipline in following all safety protocols as articulated in Franklin Academy’s COVID-19 Pledge. The next all-school testing with PhysicianOne will be on Wednesday, October 28.

Meanwhile, I am sharing a screenshot taken from the covidactnow.org website yesterday with a graph of the positivity numbers for COVID-19 testing in Franklin Academy’s Middlesex County neighborhood. As you can see, we are holding steady with a low positivity percentage that dipped below 3% in early June and has continued downward since then. Slow community spread, combined with our layers of safety on campus, will hopefully keep all of us healthy.