There is more good news to share about college admissions. Johnson & Wales in Providence, Rhode Island, and New England Institute of Technology said yes to Eva’s applications. Hartwick College and Kutztown University said yes to Nick’s applications. Eva and Nick are pictured above.

According to Byron Crozier, our College Counselor, there are three waves of college applications. The first wave, with deadlines on November 1 and 15 and December 1, includes early action and early decision candidates. These capable students have been with us for several years. They are clear about their post-secondary priorities and represent about 20% of the graduating class at Franklin Academy.

The second wave is for regular college admissions. We begin learning about college acceptances for these students in late winter. Application deadlines fall on January 1 or 15 and February 1 or 15. About 40% of the class submits applications during this time.

Applications for rolling college admissions represent the third wave, starting in mid-February. Although the most selective and competitive colleges have already filled their incoming class for the fall semester, many fine schools continue to evaluate candidates through mid-summer. Twenty percent of our seniors and postgraduate students take advantage of this later opportunity. At the same time, another 20% of the class often decides to pursue other opportunities, including a postgraduate year at Franklin Academy, vocational training, or a transitional program.