One learns a lot about an individual, a school, a community, or a nation in the face of adversity. Our global crisis is the greatest challenge of my lifetime, and I am incredibly proud of Franklin Academy’s teachers and administrators. They have responded with determination, creativity, and courage. Fortunately, no one here stands alone because of our team approach to everything that we do. We spread leadership throughout the school, and everyone shoulders essential responsibilities. This institutional approach enables us to respond in a unique Franklin way. We utilize our one-on-one relationships to serve our students, fulfill the school’s mission, and support each other.

Lisa Harris, mother of Jenner on Team D, shared this impression with me a couple of days ago. She wrote: “I know you know this already – but I’ll say it anyway – the one-on-one times with faculty are precious! It is so right that you have prioritized these sessions in the weekly schedule. As Stoops said, it is a shift, and it takes a ton of faculty time. Yes, but it is rich, so rich for the students!” Lisa, thank you for your kind words.

I will conclude this email by sharing with you a few perspectives from Sarah Giroux, Team C Learning Specialist pictured above, about how her students are responding to Cyber Franklin. Click on the Vimeo link below to hear her comments and see a slideshow of the boys dressed up for their yearbook photographs.