Closing Ceremony at Franklin Academy is one of our oldest traditions.

Teachers and students gather in the early evening of our last Wednesday together. Seniors and postgraduates process into a darkened and quiet Great Room of the School House and sit facing the audience with junior class members in the front row. After opening remarks by Tom Hays, Assistant Headmaster, those seniors graduating with honors receive their medal. The outgoing President of Student Government passes the gavel to the incoming President. Next, teachers offer symbolic gifts to the graduating class. This year the gifts included the following: mindfulness, generosity, eccentricity, playing possum, faith, fun, trust, impermanence, good trouble, and community. Then, one by one, our seniors and postgraduates stand and say goodbye to the Franklin family. As one might imagine, these are often very emotional moments. Finally, seniors and postgraduates “pass the light” of leadership to our juniors. We applaud the rising class of seniors as the graduating class recesses to form a receiving line, providing everyone with the opportunity to offer congratulations, extend best wishes, and say goodbye.

This year Closing Ceremony was held outside in mid-afternoon under the tent where Graduation will occur in two days. Click here to view the video slideshow of the event.