A snow day in a boarding school is a mixed blessing.  On the one hand, there are no classes.  On the other hand, a full set of alternative activities, supervised by the faculty “snow team,” needs to be ready to swing into action.  Such was the situation the third day of March during a winter with very little snow and spring just seventeen days away.  An overnight snowstorm lingered until 10 am, resulting in the cancellation of Saturday morning electives.  We followed our special brunch schedule.  Sledding, the building of a snowman, controlled snowball fights, and snow wrestling occupied the more active students throughout the morning.  When the sun came out, regular weekend activities and off-campus excursions began.  There might be some snow flurries later tonight.  Then, a second storm is coming our way, starting Sunday evening.  Here is the link to a brief video slideshow of a black & white Franklin Academy in the snow.