As a result of our virtual orientation with students last week, it is clear that we need to provide more direction regarding face coverings.

First, we have stockpiled 50,000 disposable masks for use by employees and students. However, many students prefer to bring a reusable cloth face covering from home for daily use, believing that one or two will suffice. Please know that this number of masks is inadequate. What follows is an outline of mask quality and quantity.

All face masks should be of at least two layers, with three layers preferred. Bandanas, outdoor sun-coverings, and turtlenecks are not acceptable for face covering. Also, N95 masks with purge valves are not appropriate. Students may wear disposable masks for only one day. They may also wear reusable masks for just one day; then, it will need washing. If a student plans to wear reusable masks, 9 to 10 is a sufficient number to bring from home. Since we provide laundry service once a week, this number allows for one clean face covering each day, accounts for the laundry schedule, and anticipates contingencies.

Face coverings are a primary tool of our COVID-19 safety plan. Wearing the correct type of mask that is clean will help keep the Franklin Academy community safe.