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This was our first school visit to Rochester Institute of Technology – a popular college choice for that group of motivated Franklin Academy seniors and postgraduates who are passionate about computers, science, and mathematics. Adam Waldie and Peter Dantini, FA class of 2018, and Aidan Holmbraker, FA class of 2017, met us as we arrived on campus. When questioned by me regarding the transition to RIT, Adam stated that this is a perfect place. He was ready for the academic challenge, and the campus culture is “Franklin friendly.” Adam and Peter have decided to major in computer security while Aidan is focusing on electrical engineering. All three are opting for the cooperative education track which involves four years of classes and four semesters of full-time paid employment directly related to a student’s field of study, resulting in the high likelihood of a great job offer upon graduation. Thus, RIT combines superb academics and real world experiences. The school has a 57% acceptance rate, making it less selective and probably less rigorous than MIT or RPI, and it serves 16,000 underclassmen and 3,000 graduate students. According to our alumni, a lot of students are just like them, and they claim that RIT is always on that list of the nerdiest colleges in the nation. While it will be fun to check out the schools on that list, I walked away extremely impressed by the campus, the program, and the opportunities available for our Franklin Academy graduates who choose RIT.

PS: Peter Dantini raved about RIT’s Spectrum Support Program. RIT states that the program “provides innovative supports that positively impact the college experiences for RIT students, particularly those with autism spectrum disorders. We are committed to helping students build the connections to RIT that will assist them in achieving academic, social, and career success. The program seeks to create a campus culture of acceptance and support through collaboration, consultation, and training.”