The tempo of this pandemic summer is keeping everyone busy. Administrators are on the job every day, and the six-week cyber summer program is at the mid-way point. At the same time, focus groups are meeting to improve our distant learning platform and strengthen our emerging strategic plan.

Meanwhile, Franklin Academy’s COVID-19 Safety Task Force has been working diligently to create a plan for repopulating the campus in September. This plan includes protection protocols to keep students and teachers safe. We will monitor for illness and be ready with containment strategies. If Connecticut resumes stay-at-home orders, we will initiate shutdown procedures and return fulltime to Cyber Franklin.

The Task Force presented the first draft of our emerging plan to over thirty colleagues during two Zoom meetings last week. As a result, teachers offered more good ideas and posed additional questions. As a next step, our program staff will consider the Task Force’s safety recommendations. In light of these new requirements, we will need to re-imagine and re-engineer our academic day and school year. The goal is to have specific information about preparations for the 2020-21 school year to share with our families at the beginning of August.

Pictured above are the campus ducks. Apparently, they did not read the Task Force recommendations about social distancing and mandatory masks.