Today is the start of Franklin Academy’s third and final two-week cyber summer session. We offer classes during the morning and afternoon, Monday through Friday. There are online evening activities as well. We filled eighty-eight class slots, and fourteen students have taken advantage of the activities option. The courses include dystopian short stories, statistics in our world, studio art, navigation by the stars, photography, filmmaking, cooking, baking, t-shirt art, robotics and coding, the casebook of Sherlock Holmes, and transition to college.

Here is what a prospective new student shared with our Admissions Office. “I am enjoying the online classes and my teachers. I love the discussions, especially when students go back and forth with their different opinions. This is such a good dress rehearsal for me. I like the idea of coming here for my senior year and then doing a postgraduate year on FLI.”

I tip my hat to Tom Hays, Assistant Headmaster. He put together such a great line-up of summer courses created and taught by talented colleagues. Next, the Admissions Office promoted the program with little time to spare once Connecticut said no to boarding students on campus. Finally, Kirsten Humiston, Summer Director, handled the many logistics, making sure that our students received all the necessary supplies for an enjoyable cyber learning experience.