When the pandemic is over, some of our short-term solutions might become on-going traditions. Indeed, I predict that frequent zoom meetings with trustees and parents will remain popular. The Admissions Office has perfected the hour-long Virtual Open House as an effective and efficient way to introduce Franklin Academy to prospective students’ parents. We have now discovered that the Virtual Reunion is a compelling platform to reconnect with our alumni.

Twenty alumni and ten former teachers accepted Mary Murphy’s invitation to zoom with founding administrators and long-tenured colleagues on Tuesday, January 12, from 7 to 8 pm. Mary is our Development Director, and she served as the evening’s host. She asked participants to identify their years at Franklin and summarize current pursuits, including domicile. I provided an update regarding changes at the school to meet the coronavirus challenge. Then, everyone enjoyed a brief video slideshow of the Franklin years that I created based on our RSVP list; click here to view this visual time capsule. During the last thirty minutes, we shared memorable moments at the school, many of which were funny stories.

The hour ended with an emotional thank you from Byron Crozier, our College Counselor who has been at the school since we opened in 2003. Consequently, he knows every Franklin Academy graduate. Their success as adults affirms our work as educators. Before saying goodbye, everyone agreed that Mary should schedule more zoom gatherings. Indeed, our next mini-reunion will be on Tuesday, February 2, from 7 to 8 pm, for Franklin Academy graduates since 2015. Please RSVP to mary@fa-ct.org.