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James Turner

James Turner

Email: jt*****@fa***.org
Role at Franklin: Communications Department Chair
Education: University of Connecticut, B.A. Psychology and Sociology, M.A. Education Psychology, Post Secondary Transition Service Certificate
Joined Franklin Academy: 2014
What is your favorite Franklin tradition and why? The Holiday Program and Graduation. The Holiday Program marks the ending of the calendar year and the beginning of winter break with a wonderful community vibe. The chilly winter evening, with dimmed lighting, families and friends presenting traditional winter festivities and it ends with Byron’s reading of T’was The Night Before Christmas. Graduation is an emotional day filled with joy, happiness, and pride. For me, there is a touch of sadness because the community we spent all year building is now dispersing, the students are cleaning out their dorms, and soon campus will be empty. Franklin’s graduation does a great job at recognizing ALL students and not just the graduating class. A ninth grader is eligible for awards in various subjects and it has to do with their academics and not with what grade they are in. The faculty member voted to give the end of the year speech always makes it personal to the class, including highlights from various students accomplishments, inside jokes that are intended for only the seniors to understand, and a strong message of how to proceed to the next steps. Then the student speaker will give their address to the class, this moment rarely leaves a dry eye in the audience.
The most important quality a teacher applying to Franklin Academy should have is… Passion, Patience, and Persistence
Something I love about Franklin Academy is… I know many people have said this in the past, but the community at Franklin is what keeps me here. The team of faculty share their passions with students and colleagues, create an enriching environment filled with opportunities and bring excitement and energy each day. It is not just the faculty, other Franklin staff and students are also open and willing to share and teach about their passions.
If I could shadow a Franklin alum for the day, what would I hope to learn? If I could shadow a Franklin Alum for a day I would hope to see their authentic self and learn about what made them who they are today. I would bring this information back to Franklin to strengthen areas of the program that need to be strengthened, continue parts the program that are working, and identify areas that need to be changed.
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