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Heather Hamilton

Heather Hamilton

Email: hh*******@fa***.org
Role at Franklin: English Teacher, Team FLI / Theater Dept / Arts Dept
Education: Bowling Green State University, M.A.- English; Wesley College, B.B.A; Full Sail University, A.S.- Show Production & Touring; Burlington County College, A.A., Liberal Arts
Joined Franklin Academy: 2022
What is your favorite Franklin memory? Graduation day
What is your favorite thing about working with these students? These students are smart, resilient, brave, talented, and incredibly funny. My favorite thing about working with them is my ability to see their true selves much more consistently than I likely would in most traditional high school settings. The Franklin model allows for far greater rapport development; we all get to work with one another in multiple capacities, not just academically.
Something I love about Franklin Academy is… The universal inclusivity and kindness- the vibe here at Franklin is kind and consistently positive. It cannot be faked, and it cannot be bought. The acceptance that radiates from the whole of the Franklin community allows for an enhanced sense of social safety for students. This helps encourage them to express themselves more authentically, as they know they can explore the person they are (and are becoming) in a supportive, stable, friendly space.
If I could shadow a Franklin alum for the day, what would I hope to learn? If I could shadow a Franklin alum for the day, I would hope to learn that they have been able to create a truly happy place in the world for themselves, whatever that looks like that for them. I would hope they are doing their best to take good care of themselves every day—physically, mentally, and emotionally. I would hope they are continuing to explore their passions, while also cultivating new interests and friendships—and I would love to see what those new interests entail.
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