The mission of Franklin Academy is to help our students develop and strengthen academic and social competencies vital to the pursuit of college goals, professional aspirations, and fulfilling lives. Over the years we have launched hundreds of graduates and postgraduates into the world, and we celebrate your transformation into interesting, independent, and amazing adults. Please know that each of you has a story worth telling, a story worth hearing. These stories provide inspiration for our current students who are still learning what it means to belong, to grow, and to succeed, and you offer encouragement to our current parents whose aspirations for their sons and daughters await fulfillment. We hope that you will keep in touch with us and send updates throughout your life. We want to hear about your achievements and successes. We also want to hear about the tougher times and learn how you faced into challenges for this is what shapes character. 

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Since 2004 Franklin Academy has graduated fifteen classes of seniors, totaling more than 300 students. Each year we welcome back to campus our alumni for a daylong celebration to catch up on developments at the school and in the lives of our graduates. After Community Meeting where alumni were introduced to current students, there is always an alumni panel discussion for the benefit of our seniors and postgraduates about to leave for college and careers. The basic questions focus on lessons learned while at Franklin Academy, the challenges as one transitions from high school to college, important advice for the new graduate, and personal aspirations for career and adult life. A barbecue lunch for everyone is usually followed by a meeting with the administrative team, the sharing of stories, updates, and photographs, campus tours, hanging out with classmates, and individual interviews for a continuing series of alumni profiles. Then, we end the day with a special alumni reception and dinner at the Gelston House. 

We have moved to several alumni mini reunions throughout the year, with a large virtual reunion in May.  These are fun filled and a great way to connect with old friends, and Franklin staff!  


 Whenever graduates come to campus or there is a chance to rendezvous with them when Franklin Academy is on the road, the Headmaster makes time for an interview, catching up on developments in the lives of our alumni. Here is recent news to share with you.


This is where we present Franklin Academy’s history, year-by-year, class-by-class. We hope that you will take a trip down memory lane to view this growing collection of video slideshows. Perhaps what you see will kindle happy memories and inspire a campus visit to reconnect with the founding administrative team, talk with Byron Crozier, Kinsley Sanders, Lisa Cassella, Rich Cherubino, Amy Bigelow, Julie Connors, and Pete Govert, meet current students, and catch up on all the changes and developments at Franklin Academy since graduation. See you very soon!

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