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Is Franklin Right for You?

At this school you matter. We believe neurodiverse students deserve a great education, real friends, and a bright future.

We may not know your precise story, but we have met many students like you and seen them thrive here. For most families, this moment — when they begin to explore Franklin — is when their lives begin to change. It is powerful to find a place where kids are accepted as they are and where they can learn to love and accept themselves, too.

In our office, nestled on our bucolic campus between New York and Boston you will be welcomed by a cozy, informal team (including a friendly dog!). Just as the education here is specially designed for the students who will thrive here, our admissions process is personalized, designed to figure out if Franklin is a fit. We want to get to know you.

Is Franklin right for you, your student, your family? Let’s start this journey together. and talk about next steps.

Call or email to connect with us: 860-873-2700 x 1114 or ad*******@fa***.org.

We look forward to speaking with you! Please give us a call or send us an email to discuss your student’s needs, ask questions, explore the admissions process, or arrange a campus visit or virtual open house!

860-873-2700 x 1114
Download the application and send to:

Get to know our admissions team:

Cindy Pope, Director of Admissions

Cindy Pope
Dean of Enrollment and Strategic Initiatives

What brought you to Franklin?
The exciting idea to start a school for extraordinary students who were not thriving in traditional settings.
What is your favorite Franklin tradition?
The Greater Franklin Open. This is a mini golf tournament each fall where teams create one-of-a-kind holes. Literally, the entire campus becomes one huge mini golf course and teams of three with students, faculty, and administrators play to get the best score. Often teams are in costume, which makes for lots of humor and good cheer. The coveted maroon jackets go to the winning team. It is just a really fun day!
What is your favorite thing about working with these students?
My favorite aspect of being the Dean of Enrollment is that I can let these awesome students know there is an alternative to merely enduring school. Watching students really thrive in our environment with great friendships and faculty who "get them" is why I love coming to work every day!

Nancy Fall, Assistant Director of Admissions

Nancy Fall
Associate Director of Admissions

What is your favorite Franklin memory?
I was on one of the dorm floors giving a family a tour when one of the students I helped admit came bursting into the dorm with a dramatic flare and said, "Hey, Nancy! Remember when you toured me? Well, look at me now! (with a thumbs up and smile from ear to ear)" We all, including the visiting family, burst into laughter. He then went on to say, "Haven't I changed?! I'm not the same kid I was when you toured me!" While we found his overall entrance to be hilarious, there was no mistaking that he was full of joy and pride over his amazing growth, and he had a lot to be proud of. He was talking to his teachers, he had a wonderful core group of friends, and he clearly felt the growth that he had made in just one year. These are all things he hadn't experienced until he joined the Franklin community.
What is your favorite Franklin tradition?
One is our closing ceremony, where seniors say goodbye. So many heartfelt messages are delivered and every single year I leave needing a Puffs Plus tissue! The impact this community has had on students and the reflection on who they were compared to who they are today is just so honest, beautiful and sincere. Their gratitude to staff who have provided them with so much support and the friends —the friends they thought they would never have. It is just so beautiful and emotional.

Sarah Dudzic
Assistant Director of Admissions

What is your favorite thing about working with these students?
My favorite thing about working with our students is getting to know them. They are some of the brightest, kindest, creative, people I’ve ever met. And while many of them have had negative school experiences, they are resilient and still willing to give Franklin a shot.
The most important quality a teacher applying to Franklin Academy should have is…
a genuine interest in becoming a champion, mentor, teacher, and coach for neurodivergent students.
If I could shadow a Franklin alum for the day, what would I hope to learn?
If I could shadow and alum for a day, I would try to learn the areas in which they excel and how they developed the skills that make them successful.

Affording Franklin

If Franklin is the right place for a student, we work with families to try to make attending a reality. Our tuition and fees include residential, academic, and support services. Please contact us for the current rates.


Helping our families afford Franklin Academy

Franklin Academy wants its unique education to be more accessible. The school offers merit-based scholarships to a select number of extraordinary students, regardless of financial need. Merit scholarships are awarded to new, incoming students who the school feels will benefit from the Franklin Academy program and will be a valuable addition to our community. Scholarships are renewed each year that the student is enrolled at Franklin Academy, provided the recipient stays in strong academic standing and consistently demonstrates good citizenship.

The Marcia B. Rubinstien Scholarship honors and commemorates a lifelong learner and educator recognized for her expertise and passionate commitment to fostering the best education for non-traditional learners. She provided assessment and consultation to clients, educational institutions, and programs nationwide and internationally. She was a published author, prolific speaker, and true educational visionary. Franklin Academy was fortunate and thankful to have Marcia sit on its Advisory Board during the critical first few years of operation. She continued to be a tremendous advocate and supporter of Franklin Academy, often presenting nationally with Cynthia Pope, Director of Admissions. She was a favorite keynote speaker at Franklin Academy parent seminars, delivering practical advice with humor. Marcia inspired all who knew her, and her memory and contribution to education live on in this scholarship. The Marcia B. Rubinstien Scholarship is an annual scholarship of up to $10,000. Every applicant is considered for this award. There is no additional application requirement.

The Phoenix Scholarship is awarded to an incoming student who, like the mythical sacred firebird, rises resurrected from its ashes. The recipient of this award learns from mistakes and overcomes obstacles and adversity by applying lessons learned to lead a more thoughtful life. The Phoenix Scholarship is an annual scholarship of up to $20,000. Application for this scholarship is a letter written by a parent/guardian outlining why their student should be considered for this award.

The Eleanor Roosevelt Scholarship is awarded to an incoming student who has demonstrated a passion for and commitment to community service. The recipient of this award has shown dedication to active citizenship, positive change, tolerance and understanding, improving the lives of others, and making their community a better place. The Eleanor Roosevelt Scholarship is an annual scholarship of up to $20,000. Application for this scholarship is a letter written by a parent/guardian outlining why their student should be considered for this award.

The Odysseus Scholarship is awarded to an incoming student who has demonstrated resilience, often in the face of adversity, and a willingness to work toward positive change. This student possesses leadership qualities that have yet to be recognized. The Odysseus Scholarship is an annual scholarship of up to $20,000. Application for this scholarship is a letter written by a parent/guardian outlining why their student should be considered for this award.

Head of School Scholarship is awarded to an incoming student who may not otherwise be able to attend Franklin Academy. This scholarship covers the cost of room and board. The President or Headmaster Scholarship is an annual scholarship of up to $10,000. A parent or guardian must indicate interest in this award at the time of application. There is no additional application.

Happy students in the library

Schedule a tour

Franklin students are our best ambassadors. They will enthusiastically welcome you. For many alums their first visit included an impromptu invitation to hang out with current students. Where else does that happen?

Call or email to schedule a time to visit: 860-873-2700 x 1114 or ad*******@fa***.org.

Wish you could visit campus?

We have created opportunities for you to learn about our school, our philosophy, our culture and climate (at a distance!) with those who know Franklin Academy well. Join us for an information packed hour via Zoom! This is a great way to get acquainted with us! Virtual Open Houses are held on select Monday evenings from 5 – 6 PM. Please register for one of the upcoming Virtual Open Houses by clicking on the date that works for you.

We look forward to meeting you!
Upcoming virtual open house dates:
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