Come to Franklin Academy this summer to make friends and have fun! Explore your interests with other people who enjoy the same things! And try something new, too!

Summer Sojourn at Franklin Academy is a creative summer program designed for students aged 13 to 19 who have unique learning styles, including those diagnosed with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLD, NVLD), Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), and related profiles. Sojourn students are smart, passionate, and interesting. They enjoy being with like-minded teenagers. They embrace eclectic and varied interests and find joy as they participate in activities that excite their curiosity.

Here is a video slideshow to introduce you to our program.



Summer Sojourn consists of two 2-week sessions; students can attend for one or both. Here are the dates for 2019:

Session 1
June 30 – July 13

Session 2
July 14 – July 27


Each session our Sojourners choose one fun class called a “Path.” These Paths focus on fascinating topics, created by our teachers to bring students of similar interests and talents together so that friendships might easily form. Click HERE to see the Paths for this summer.



Interested in Magic the Gathering or Dungeons and Dragons? Waiting to be a star discovered at a local open mic event? Ever gone swimming in a quarry or ridden a zip-line? How about playing a part in a campus-wide murder mystery experience? Activities during Summer Sojourn are many and varied and are intentionally designed for students to have fun and engage with one another in a social learning environment that is developmentally appropriate for bright teens. There are opportunities for quiet activities as well as high energy ones – you decide what you need.

Some of the activities offered during afternoons, evenings, and on weekends include:


We maintain a student to staff ratio that is better than 2:1 in Summer Sojourn. Franklin Academy professionals along with 8 to 12 interns are available throughout the day and evening to guide students in order to enhance executive functioning, emotional intelligence, and social interactions.  These supports allow our students to relax and truly enjoy themselves.  And, if you are ready for independence – we will encourage and coach you to achieve your goals.  Click HERE to see an overview of our experienced Franklin Academy faculty.


A distinctive feature of Summer Sojourn is our Intern Program, which brings back to campus mature, successful Franklin Academy alumni to serve as mentors and coaches for Sojourn students. Our alumni have walked in your shoes, and they are a great source of inspiration and wisdom to students and adults alike. Indeed, the high interest of alumni to give back to Franklin Academy in such a meaningful way is a testament to their own transformative experiences on our campus. 



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Tuition and Fees

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Current Franklin Student

Registration Form


Do we sleep in tents?

No. Like our regular school year students, each Sojourn participant has an individual room in our main dormitory. We have found that most of our students, while they enjoy each other’s company and have fun together, also need time to be alone and relax. That is why a single occupancy room is such a good thing.


What’s the food like?

Franklin Academy’s dining hall is run year-round by SAGE, a company offering exceptional food service at the best schools and colleges across the country. SAGE provides a nutritious and tasty meal plan with a wide variety of fresh food options at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, additionally accommodating vegetarian and vegan preferences as well as gluten intolerance. Click here to see our current dining hall menus that are much like our Summer Sojourn menus which take advantage of seasonal fare and local produce.


What do we do on weekends?

Faculty and Interns provide a wide range of on and off-campus activities on the weekends.


What do we do all day?

Here is a link to our daily schedule.


What if I don’t wake up on time?

While we encourage students to learn to get themselves up on time, we do provide support if needed. We encourage friends to help friends get up, and our interns are also on the dorm floors in the morning to ensure that no one misses breakfast or morning meeting.


What do I bring to Summer Sojourn?

Click on this link for our recommended packing list.