This past January, we welcomed Lauren Klein FA ’15 back to campus as a teaching intern on Team Crane. Her return is immensely gratifying for every educator here who knew Lauren as a student. We remember some challenging episodes and growing pains during junior year. Then, an epiphany occurred in the spring, setting up an incredibly successful senior year. Lauren forged close friendships with seven classmates – Liz, Allison, Kaitlin, and Anya (class of 2014); Julia and Anna (class of 2015); and Lydia (class of 2017) – who remain best friends today. She honed vital self-advocacy skills and secured many college acceptances (11 for 11). Subsequently, there was that proud moment when she received the Odyssey Award at graduation for a dramatic transformation – academically, socially, and emotionally – during her journey with us.

Midway through freshman year at Susquehanna University, Lauren realized that she needed to be closer to home. As a result, she pivoted decisively, enrolled at Adelphi University, and took full advantage of the available supports for students who learn differently. Lauren graduated cum laude with a major in communication. Now, as Lauren weighs teaching or counseling as career possibilities, she helps current students discover what she learned – that Franklin Academy can change one’s life. Indeed, this is also Lauren’s message to prospective students’ parents during every admissions open house. At the end of her most recent Franklin testimonial, she concluded with the exclamation – “I love this place!” Lauren, we are glad you are here, sharing your story with the boys and girls on Team Crane. They listen because you have walked in their shoes.