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We Did It!

It took many years, but Franklin Academy finally realized an important strategic goal – namely, the purchase of our main campus property.  The closing occurred December 1 in the law offices of Updike, Kelly & Spellacy in Hartford. Lawyers representing seller, buyer, and Liberty Bank, which provided Franklin Academy with financing, were all present.  I signed on behalf of the school, and Henry Schreiber, the Chair of our Board of Trustees since 2002, joined me for the celebratory moment.

To say the least, this is a tremendous accomplishment for our young school, and each member of the founding administration – Tom, Mary, Cindy, Rebecca, Lee, and Fred – and each member of the founding board of trustees – Henry, Steve, Mary Ellen, and Bob – can be proud that we stayed the course.  Simply stated, we did it!

A significant portion of our closing fees for the campus property were paid for through the donations of many Franklin Academy parents whose children are now alumni of our school.  These parents provided voluntary gift support because they believe in the mission of our school and have witnessed first hand the transformative power of a Franklin Academy education.  As a result, current and future students at our school are the beneficiaries of their generosity.

Ownership of the campus property means that we are here in East Haddam to stay.  From my perspective, our town and our corner of Connecticut are second to none.  I hope that you will come to visit us at our home on River Road.


Frederick Weissbach

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