Dear Franklin Academy Parents:

The situation has changed again since I wrote to you at the end of the workday on Thursday. Governors are closing schools across the country. We are anticipating that Governor Lamont will mandate that all Connecticut schools must close. Anxieties are rising as headlines speculate about the continuing spread of coronavirus. Strong action is required. Therefore, the administration of Franklin Academy has decided to send our students home, starting this Friday afternoon and evening. Please know that we will continue to provide supervision and support on campus until all students are safely on their way. Team contacts will be in communication with you to discuss and review travel plans.

Meanwhile, educators at Franklin Academy will begin making the transition to distance learning to complete academic work for this fourth quint. We plan to initiate distance learning on Monday, March 23, and this mode of education will continue until April 17. Students and faculty will then have their regular spring break. We hope that everyone will be able to come back to campus for the start of the fifth and final quint, beginning May 3. However, we will continue with distance learning, if necessary, through the end of the school year so that everyone will be able to receive credit for this school year.

I will communicate with you again once all of our students are at home to review the expectations for academic work. Please know that I depend on our close partnership as we face this extraordinary challenge together. I expect that we will emerge healthy and whole as our lives return to normal.


Frederick Weissbach