Alumni stories are invaluable. They offer insight into how a Franklin Academy education can make a difference, setting the course for college, career, and adult life. When we last talked to Ross Mesnick, FA class of 2018, he was a newly-minted freshman at Binghamton University. His aspirations were large.

We caught up with Ross last night at dinner in Ithaca. Ross is a senior. He is finishing an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a triple concentration in supply change management, management information systems, and business analytics. He has been working hard to maintain a 3.9 GPA. Given the excellence of his academic achievement and the practical experiences gained from summer internships, Ross has secured a full-time job upon graduation as a tech consultant with Ernst & Young.

Frankly, I am not surprised. During his senior year, Ross was our student government president. He took honors classes, won the Odyssey Award, and was our senior speaker at graduation. His story provides proof that the world is full of wonderful opportunities for our Franklin Academy graduates.