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Students with Dysgraphia Excel at Franklin Academy

High School for Students with Specific Learning Disabilities in Written Expression & Dysgraphia

College Preparatory for Grades 8–12 and PG

Specific Learning Disabilities in Written Expression & Dysgraphia

Students who are diagnosed with dysgraphia or written expression disorder often struggle with foundational academic skills needed for postsecondary success. Teachers and parents may see students behind in their vocabulary or spelling of words. Other students may struggle with the overall writing process, finding it difficult to get their ideas from their brains onto paper. Sometimes, students with dysgraphia have difficulties structuring a paragraph, or they may use run-on sentences, making their writing hard to follow. For other students, the physical task of writing may be so laborious that they avoid the task altogether. Like other learning disabilities, dysgraphia can manifest differently based on the student, making it difficult to diagnose, especially as students get older.

Succeeding at Franklin

Franklin Academy’s academic model focuses on both content mastery and skill development. In every class, students are working on writing skills in all disciplinary areas. Whether students are writing a research paper or lab report, our classrooms are designed to be strategy and strength-based. Instructors consistently differentiate instruction and assignments to support individual student needs so they can meet and then exceed grade-based norms. If students demonstrate needs in writing, they may be referred to Franklin Academy’s Evaluation Center to conduct a more thorough assessment of student strengths and areas of need.

Students with difficulties in writing can benefit from additional support through Franklin Academy’s Academic Development Center. Students can take a literacy development course to develop compensatory strategies needed to write essays, summary reports, long papers, or reading response questions. This can be supplemented, too, with individualized writing instruction. The Academic Development Center Coordinator will collaborate with classroom teachers to ensure student instruction aligns with their developmental needs and postsecondary goals. While many schools charge extra fees for additional services, students receive unlimited support in our Academic Development Center as part of Franklin’s tuition.

Impressive Accomplishments

“How do you measure success?”

At Franklin Academy our goal is so much more than just getting students across the finish line of high school with a diploma in hand. Graduating seniors and postgraduates leave campus with plans to pursue their interests and passions. Our alumni know their strengths. They can identify helpful resources. They can self-advocate. Most will attend college. Some may choose a less traditional path. All are determined, however, to realize fulfilling lives, matching potential with accomplishment.

College Destinations for Franklin Academy Graduates

College is all about the right fit on the basis of personal aspirations, academic achievements, available programs (including accommodations and support), location, and size of the institution. Here is a sample of recent matriculations.

What are Alumni Doing Now?

We help our students identify their passions and encourage them to develop their interests because we believe that what is learned about oneself becomes the foundation for leading a fulfilling and independent adult life. Consequently, our graduates embrace a wide-range of career opportunities that defy stereotype, and they are actively working in the following professions.

Over 450 College Admissions

Success at Franklin

“Finding Your School Has Been a Blessing For Our Whole Family”

If one’s rationale for being a teacher is to make a positive difference in the life of students, there is no better opportunity to affect lives than right here, right now at Franklin Academy. This is what our parents tell us.

  • “You truly do save kids, families and lives.”
  • “For the first time in John’s life he might be in the right place at the right time.”
  • “We can’t believe how lucky we – and Ryan – are!”
  • “Thank you for giving our daughter Emmeline an education and a life.”
  • “As we left the school he said “Mom, I finally feel there is hope.”


Franklin Academy is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Accreditation means that our school meets the criteria for those standards of excellence by which the “educational community assures the high quality of each member school.” NEASC commends Franklin Academy for creating an academic program and residential community that completely matches its mission. Additionally, Franklin Academy is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools, comprising the best private independent schools in the country.

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