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Franklin Academy Evaluation Center

For Students Ages 6–19

The Franklin Academy Evaluation Center is a comprehensive diagnostic testing center designed to provide various assessments for children and adolescents ages 6–19. We specialize in testing and assessment of students with diagnosed or suspected developmental differences, as well as common co-occurring barriers to functioning (e.g., anxiety, depression, executive functioning deficits, learning disabilities, etc.). Our assessments follow an interdisciplinary, team-based approach and draw from various fields, including psychology, neuropsychology, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, education, and psychiatry. Assessments may focus on any or all of the following areas:

  • Cognitive Abilities/Intelligence
  • Academic Achievement
  • Speech and Language Skills
  • Sensory and Motor Skills
  • Attention
  • Executive Functioning
  • Memory and Learning
  • Social/Emotional Functioning
  • Behavior
  • Adaptive Functioning
  • Creativity
  • Personality
  • Character Strengths

Students may be referred to the Evaluation Center for several reasons. A thorough assessment can provide diagnostic clarity and identify barriers to learning and social-emotional well-being. It can also identify interventions that may support the student in overcoming those barriers. The Evaluation Center can complete evaluations necessary for triennial reviews within a student’s home school district (parents or caregivers should discuss this with the student’s home district before the referral is made). Testing can identify potential accommodations that would be appropriate for ACT and SAT tests. Recommendations regarding appropriate supports and placements following graduation from high school may also be a focus of assessment.

The assessment process is usually comprised of several steps. First, a referral has to be made to The Evaluation Center by the student’s educational team and parents/guardians. Following the referral, a thorough review of the student’s records is completed, and an interview is conducted with the student, parents/caregivers, and the student’s educational team. Additional service providers may also be contacted at this time with permission from the student’s parents/caregivers. From there, recommendations are made regarding assessments necessary to answer the referral question(s).

Once the assessment structure has been established, the evaluator(s) will schedule times to meet with the student to complete testing. The assessment may take place over several days or weeks, depending on the student’s level of fatigue and attention. After completing the assessment, a comprehensive and integrated report is generated. The report will include a comprehensive background section, a review of previous evaluations, current strengths and areas of concern, testing results, current diagnoses, and appropriate recommendations. The student and parents/caregivers will meet with the evaluators following the completion of the report to receive direct feedback regarding the assessment results and to have an opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

The cost of testing will vary depending on the type of assessment conducted. If you have any questions regarding The Evaluation Center or its services, or wish to refer your child for testing, please contact Dr. Josh Acocella-Stollerman, at (860) 873-2700 x1402 or at ja******************@fa***.org.


Franklin Academy is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Accreditation means that our school meets the criteria for those standards of excellence by which the “educational community assures the high quality of each member school.” NEASC commends Franklin Academy for creating an academic program and residential community that completely matches its mission. Additionally, Franklin Academy is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools, comprising the best private independent schools in the country.

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Franklin Academy | 140 River Road | East Haddam, Connecticut 06423
Phone: 860-873-2700
Fax: 860-873-9345
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