Our students are back on campus, and the spring trimester is underway. Meanwhile, here is an email that I just received from the parents of Jonathan Wan, FLI senior.

Dear Fred,

Jonathan got accepted to Berklee College of Music, his first choice. He could not have done this without Team Franklin and all who worked so hard to coach and support him through the process.

Special thanks to Byron, Stephanie, and Kinsley. What a great team!

We are very grateful and look forward to working together to prepare Jonathan for his transition to college.

Kind regards,
Penny & Philip

Penny and Philip also indicated that they are spreading the news in the Hong Kong community, briefing those essential people who supported Jonathan throughout his journey. However, as we all know, a diploma from Franklin Academy and college enrollment are not the finish line. Instead, these accomplishments mark an exciting beginning as our young adults pursue their dreams and aspirations.