I am happy to share this report from Amy Bigelow, a member of the Friday night duty team, who chaperoned Franklin Academy’s Trivia Team that recently flexed its intellectual muscles in East Haddam.

Although most students had already departed campus this past Friday night to begin the mid-winter break, 5 of the 7 students remaining on campus stayed overnight in order to participate in Trivia Night, hosted in town as a fundraiser for the local Hale-Ray High School. The amazing literature and politics knowledge of Kyle Boliver, sports trivia from Adam Waldie, geography and history facts from Sam Mount, Ian Falconi, and Matt Quinn, music knowledge from Ava Altman, and the science and entertainment backgrounds of instructors Innocent Mashinyire and Sadie Peden brought us to second place out of 14 teams that competed. Since a team of local residents, recruited by Chris Wenz (former Franklin Academy Residential Dean and husband of Melissa Wenz, our Educational Director) won first place, the Trivia Night was truly a Franklin-dominated event. Our students are to be commended for their tremendous enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge. Each received a Wrasslin’ Cats coffee mug or a gift certificate to Target or a local coffee shop. We hope this event can become an annual tradition for the end of Quint 3!

Thank you for this report, Amy, and congratulations to our Trivia Team.