Jenner Beutel joined us mid-way through his eighth-grade year as a day student, even though the family lives in California. His parents also have a home outside Storrs, Connecticut. Jenner and his mother, Lisa, spent the school year there, allowing Jenner to commute to campus until becoming a boarding student as a FLI senior this year. I caught up with Lisa last week, inquiring about Jenner’s college options. Here is what she shared with me.

Good morning Fred:
We are in Wisconsin now, visiting Lawrence University today. Then, we head across to Whitman College (Walla Walla, Washington) and Reed College (Portland, Oregon). We will “land” in CA to be “home with Dad” for a couple of days and then head back to CT and Franklin. We will be stopping to zoom Calculus with Amy daily when that resumes – of course! 🙂 Our previous trip a couple of weeks ago was to Colby and Bennington – just a quick two-day adventure! In early December, we made a one-night road trip to the University of Rochester and Hamilton College. Boy, have we been grateful for our little RV van – (new to us last summer to facilitate getting to CA for the summer break during this time when we did not feel safe flying)! We are a traveling bubble, stopping only to get gas and pull into our overnight spots. Warmly, Lisa
PS: I treasure the adventure, and I am so thankful Jenner can get some campus experiences in hopes a school will speak to his heart and mind!

What a great mother and son experience! Indeed, I am eager to hear about Jenner’s college choice. In the meantime, here is early notification that I hope to lead Franklin Academy’s eighth annual college trip next fall. There will be more information to share in early summer. That is Jenner in the photo above on the Bates’ campus during our last college trip in October of 2019.