Here at the end of Summer Sojourn, I wanted to interview Kaitlin Jackson ’14 because she is completing her fourth summer with us as an intern. My most important question was simply this – What pulls you back to campus each year? Kaitlin quickly answered. “That is easy. It is the people. Being able to help just one camper is so rewarding, especially when you see the smile on his or her face. And each summer has been great but in different and special ways.” Kaitlin reported that she is about to begin her senior year at Beacon College in Florida where she is a Psychology major with a 3.9 GPA overall. She will also serve as the lead student ambassador who trains younger college students for work in the Beacon College admissions office. Her career goal is to become a mental health counselor. Looking back on her Franklin years, she believes that the school, especially the residential program, gave her a good foundation, and she has really benefitted from the social and academic strategies learned here. Most of all, Kaitlin cherishes the friendships forged at Franklin Academy, believing that these will last a lifetime.