This coming Friday, August 14, Franklin Academy’s trustees and administrators will meet. We will review gating conditions and safety protocols to allow teachers and students to return to campus this September. We will also discuss modifications to the yearly calendar, daily schedule, and program. Then, I will communicate the Board’s decision to our faculty and families.

In advance of this critical meeting, I want to answer a question posed by a student and her parents. I anticipate that any number of our families are thinking about the same issue. “Will the school have a policy that allows students to remain at home and participate virtually in classes and meetings held on campus.” The answer is yes. We are fortifying Cyber Franklin in terms of hardware, software, and teaching strategies so that our educators can “room and zoom” at the same time. The concept sounds simple enough; the implementation, however, will be a pioneering educational experience for everyone.

Have you read the comprehensive report of Franklin Academy’s COVID-19 Reopen Taskforce? Click here to review the document.